Beer Therapy-By Tarot Reader Lady Kashish

Cross Point Mall is a destination mall in Gurgaon .It’s not a busy place like galleria market but you will find beautiful places to spend your free quality time. THE PINT ROOM is one of my attractions amongst them, to have beer. A spacious casual room opens for you to have chat over beer. Nobody restrict you to hold beer in hand and stand in the open veranda and chat with your lover or friends.
As our generations continue to change, I feel it’s high time we change from ‘Chat over Coffee’ to ‘chat over Beer’ 🙂

I remember how people used to greet “Chao bell’uomo” (Hi, handsome man), “Chao bella donna” (Hello, beautiful woman) when I was in Italy. The ambience here and the beers I had (doing what it is best at), It kind of had such Italian feelings again. The Pint Room has such atmosphere where people become friendly, come as a stranger but goes out making new friends, and has a chat over great beer. I love their concept of keeping the music low so that laughter and voices can take centre stage.

Do not worry about what/ which beer to drink. They have a Beer guide; you can ask any of the stewards, they are happy to serve. They have wide variety of beer collections in the house, ranging anywhere from between 25- 50 beers solely for fun and enjoyment.

Besides Beer chat, every Friday there is a lady who dressed like a queen holding tarot cards. After having a couple glasses of beer, I was curious to chat with her, so I went and picked a card that has a picture of sword on it. She didn’t foretell anything, but only reminded me how I should act to achieve my desire goals.  It was interesting and fun.

Along with Beer, they also serve great foods. They served us their special Thin Crust Pizza, Pasta and gave option to order food from their partnership restaurants.The master marketer Mr. Pradeep has spent years of his life learning and experience with alcohol and especially Beer industry and came up with this simple yet interesting concept of giving a thrilling, friendly, cozy experience in The Pint Room.


Penne Pasta in red Sauce




Location: 1st Floor, Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

  • Full Bar Available
  • Nightlife

Photographed By: AKUIZINGS

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