The People & Co. : Let’s be Excited, Let’s be Weird, Let’s be US

Eat, drink and laugh your hearts out at The People &Co., the one stop destination for entertainment. The whole place is about creating a happy environment for all kind of people and providing multi cuisine food for their monster hungry stomach.

This place is designed in such a way that it offer many added experiences under one roof. Say their huge bar and open space called the PUBLIC which is accessible for everyone, and have all day wine and coffee bar, live stage which is open to an impromptu jazz set with mature and amateur musicians; the PLATE, which is a chic and posh restaurant, where multi cuisine are served; the CANVAS (renamed for Canvas Laugh Club), which is a multipurpose stage and theater; the merchandise wall HAHA PEOPLE, where pictures of the standup comedians who have performed there were displayed; a couple of printed doors on how to choose a bottle of wine and suggestion of books & wine pairings; a pillar that speaks of what The People & co. is all about; a hygienic washroom call Let It Out  and so on…

As Ashu Gupta, the marketing head was assisting us and giving a tour around from door to door, it keeps surprising me with all the facilities they have inside.  Live stage, open bar, live music was something common, but a 240 sitter theater call the Canvas Laugh Club, inside a restaurant was something new and interesting for me. Every day they have a standup comedy night starting from 7pm, and during day time it can be rented out for cooperates or any private parties where everything is taken care of by their team. This is the only theater where alcohol is served before, after and during interval of the show.

Coming to food, they have a very affordable buffet @495 plus taxes from Monday to Friday with menu that keeps changing every day but the concept is the same, they are trying to incorporate Asian, Indian, European cuisine giving people more options. You don’t have to go to 3 different paces to have different cuisine; it’s all available here under one roof.

“We take authentic dishes and make something very different without losing its essence for instance, serving authentic French dish like its Italian dish” says Ashu. The presentation of drinks and food was impressive. They served us Indian food in very contemporary settings. The thin crust Pizza Romagna I had was super delicious. Thai Style Crispy Tofu with Basil and Kafir Lime which is a silken firm tofu tossed in fragrant Thai chili sambal sauce, a classic chicken drumstick after its cooked in the tandoor, they add rum to give a twisted flavor, therefore the name is Dark Rum lace Tandoori Chicken, also Chef Abhisek served us with their most selling dishes the Buffalo Wings served with blue cheese dip and Achari Dal Parfait Masala with Masala Culcha

They served my team with their famous drinks like Naughty Melon, which is a mixture of vodka, watermelon, sweet lime, mint leaves and lime juice; Twisted Mule, a mixture of lemon grass, ginger and ginger ale with whiskey and the Mint Julep which is (not in the menu yet) a mixture of mint leaves with lemon chunks, muddle together with brown sugar, lime juice, scotch and topped with soda. Besides they also surprise us with couple round of mocktails like Sex on the Beach, and Summer Hammer (not in the menu). I just love the freshness of those mocktails. It’s rejuvenating!

All seven days they have a Happy Hours starting from 3:30 to 7pm. They have exciting new deals like on Monday buy a ticket of Rs 500 plus add another Rs 250, you will get unlimited kingfisher beer. On Tuesday, pay Rs 500 plus Rs500 and get unlimited Ballantine Whiskey. Wednesday is ladies night where we just have to pay 50% i.e. Rs250 and get unlimited vodka, whereas for man, you just have to pay Rs 500 and get unlimited vodka.

What are you waiting for, go and hit this place, it’s amazing. This is the perfect destination to laugh your lungs out, sing your heart out, feed your hungry monster and lighten up your rotten mood.

Chanvo Hungyo

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Location: Premises No. 5, Building 8, Tower B, Cyber City, Gurgaon

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