The Grills King is All for Grills, Barbeque, and Kababs!

Its a buffet restaurant, serving veg non veg buffet,
Dipak Shakya is the Restaurant Manager here.
They do lunch and dinner buffet.
They offer more than 60 varieties of dishes, starting from starters followed by soup then salad then main course and finally dessert (if you still have room for some)…

80% of the dishes are Indian, few continental and Chinese, they organise co-operate buffet, lunch and dinner.
Its a huge lavish buffet along with authentic world cuisine, barbecues, Indian kababs.
They also have a concept of live grill on the table, so that the clients get the actual feel of doing their own barbecue…
It’s fun as the starters keep coming on the table and you do you’re own set of barbecue on the table (only if you wish to),

This 100 seater restaurant specialises in barbecue especially as they have a large variety of
Barbecues and grills to choose from..
Few starters comes in a sewers, some are fried, some roasted, some grilled and some are served by servers in a platter.
They have a bar at the end of the room and you get a complimentary drink with your lunch buffet.
They do not have a specific menu for main-course as everyday they prepare different dishes for main-course.
They also have desserts, if you have a sweet tooth then you would be awed by the sweet dishes they have to offer.
As they have a lot of varieties from ice-cream,halwa, cakes, Indian sweets… Suite yourself!
It’s all about barbecue at “The Grills Kings.”

The Grills King is a casual dining restaurant with a bar for 100 pax. It is a restaurant that has a buffet every day with the live kitchens that serve over 60 varieties of dishes for lunch and dinner.

The buffet includes lavish starters along with soups, salads, drink, followed by delicious main course, and dessert. North Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines are available, however, 80% of the dishes are Indian cuisine.

The buffet is known for Grills, barbecues and Indian Kababs. Some of the starters’ preparations are sewers, fried, roasted, grills served on a platter. Live Grill on the table is available for the guest if they want to prepare and also to make them know how barbeque is prepared.

Every day new dishes are prepared for the main course therefore; an exclusive menu is not available. To name a few, some of the main course delicacies are the famous Hyderabad BIryani, Pasta, Dim Sum, Bhalla Papri, and Pizza. Varieties of Ice Cream, Pastries, Halwa, Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Ras Malai, Grilled or Roasted Pineapple, and Indian sweets are offer for deserts.

Good collections of beverages such as Whisky, Rum, Vodka, and Beer, Cocktails like Sangria, Margarita, and amazing mocktails are available in the bar.

“The Grills King also organise corporate buffet, lunch, and dinner. Live performance is available every day except on Tuesday,” says Dipak Shakya, The Grills King Manager.

Those who are all for grills, barbeque, and Kababs, it will be worth to visit The Grills King at Ground Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon. After all, The Grills King is there for the love of Grills!



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Location: Shop 1-5, Ground Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon


  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Serves Non Veg
  • Full Bar Available
  • Buffet

Photographed By: AKUIZINGS

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