This is the kitchen of Sandy, one of the top ten bar-tender of India. “Sandy is all about me, my autobiography,the music, the art, the food, the drinks,” says Sandeep. Besides his 26 years of experience as a bar tender, isinspirations, his passions and his dedication can be seen all over the RESTAURANT/ BAR .

The room filled with his life journey photo frames, a beautiful garden with a sitting area outside, a small section of library,and a view of the chefs working in the magical workshop called the Kitchen. That’s not it, down the basement, is the cocktail bar and restaurant where every Friday and Saturday there are live band performance, and a 1940’sinspired mural of a colourful performance of jazz and blues behind the stage.

Reflecting his dedication towards the balance of flavour combined with the best ingredient, he has a wide rangeof cocktails categories starting from herbs and flowers , to spicy, to chocolate and coffee flavour and so on, …

“Cocktails with soul” that’s what Sandy calls his cocktails.

If you are in a mood for a Tango, grab a glass of this Jose Cuervo infused in a jar of bell pepper for three monthsto get the flavour, with fresh basil, passion fruit puree, and the tanginess of lime – “The Last Tango andModena” cocktail. This will give you a beautiful sexy tango effect in your tongue.

If you are planning on giving a flower to your date, there is a cocktail specially made for you, called the Zadza(which means ‘Lust’ in Polish). The presentation was impressive. Had I been with a date, I would definitelyhave fallen head over heels for him.

If you are looking forward for a spicy moment, grab one of this Blimey Mary, and for a naughty night grab oneof this Espresso Martini. It really is a cocktail with a soul.

Along with this drinks chef Tej and Chef Robin serve us with the Mellon and FETA Cheese Salad, Kun Paw Chicken which taste just as good as the cocktails.

I will say that this place is not just about cocktails and food, but you’ll find a therapist here. If you’re indecisiveabout what drinks to order. Just talk to them about your mood and they’ll make you a perfect cocktail that compliments your mood.

Besides, there is a BUFFET every Sunday with different food menu for every Sunday brunch. I’m hopelesslywaiting for winter barbecue gathering in the garden.

Chanvo Hung


The God-Father of Cocktails and Food Stylist

No doubt he serves most awesome food and customized drinks.Mood fixed cocktails with detox herbs, food, vegetables, nuts, fruits and many more. He used freshherbs from his own garden, planted with his own bare hands.Hand crafted comfy place with the man who is alive among so many songs, poems, music, arts within.

It’s not just a place where walls are decorated with pictures but the entire hanging picture frames tellthe story of a great adventurer who had travelled to different countries and places exploring natures,cultures, foods and arts of alcohol. His character and enthusiasm reflect from the verses he had written in each and every picture frames also speak more about him.

Savoy Bar (New York) to traditional Kitul Toddy (Sri Lanka) assembles in his memory.The warm, hospitable, knowledgeable, philosopher left London and lives in Gurgaon, bringing back life to people by having fun and leisure time with books, tastes, music, and arts.

Our minds were enlightened and bodies were taken away through his unbelievably great organic foodjourney. Cocktails showed its souls.

Not only that, aphrodisiacs cocktail call Zadza will stimulate your sex by taking you from work mood toleisure dizzy mood and make you lustful and horny.

Extremely spicy detox Blimey Mary will make you slim and beautiful. Spicy food will make you hot and at the same time sweet salad make you cool.Highly recommended place for reviving your bond with your lover.

Fiery bell peppers, mushrooms, bacon, ice, water and alcohol surrender to his command and formsoothing drinks with homemade recipes to content your taste bud in this one and only life. Don’t missout! You will be amazed with his 26 years of bar tending experience in this beautiful spot.

Entrepreneur, consultant, mentor who designed bar tending school still have fun bar tending in rich andfamous royal weddings. His great spirit is mixed with personality, profession and spirituality. He will come with food and beverage blogs very soon. Make sure you follow his blogs.I don’t know what you’re up to but one thing, he makes you naughty. All behind this exceptional experience is Sandy in Sandy’s Cocktail and Kitchen, Gurgaon. You get everything there in Sandy’s version.Sandeep Verma makes your life a cocktail.





 388 SCO ,Adjacent to IFFCO Metro Station, Behind Westin Hotel, Sector 29, Gurgaon

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