Molecule Air Bar: The Food laboratory

Hello!!! Let me introduce you to one of the most advance restaurant/ bar in the area. Get ready to experience something different and see something unique here at Molecule. Because this place is like an experimental scientific lab for innovative food, place and experience. You’ll find World War II air craft seats used as a comfortable chair/sofa, armories like machine guns and tools used during WW II are hung on the wall along with the huge Hydra mask on the walls acknowledging the first introduction of Laboratory in the world for the first time by Hitler during WWII. Their Bar and Kitchen itself look like an experimental lab while the glass walls are all printed with chemical formula and the hexagonal shaped chandelier were hung on the ceiling. The stewards wore black shirt and camouflage cargo pants like an army and the whole sitting arrangement and interior have a rustic and raw touch giving a very WWII feel. The theme of this place is World War II. Imagine a place where you can experiment with foods and drinks with the award winning chef and mixologist of the world. Laboratories are not at all boring; it’s full of fun, experimentation and educational. This, Molecule taught me today.

Molecule makes the most attractive presentation of food and drinks with their attention grabbing scientific technics and used of molecular gastronomy which helps to enhance the presentation. They serve Continental and North Indian cuisine.

“In my Kitchen, food we eat in the street, our childhood food and home food are put in our dishes with new format, i.e. restaurant format. Foods are very Indian but are presented in very European setting. Everything is basic but it’s not basic. Most of the dishes that are normally served hot and crispy are served cold and crispier here in Molecule.” says Piyush Jain, the Executive Chef.

As they brought out their Amuse Bouche Strawberry Lassie shot in a miniature military truck with smoke followed by the Kula Pinjara, rum based cocktail with fresh pomegranate juice, fresh basal, lemon juice, presented in a dry ice, I was literally so impressed. They didn’t stop impressing me there. The Molecular Puchka shot I had looks more like a laboratory accessories, they used test tubes for all the five flavors of water, and serine for two different chutney, and a tiny cooker as a container for spicy chopped potato. This dish is actually an Indian street food call the Golgappa or Pani Puri, the component used are same but the presentation and art of making makes the difference and all the more interesting and fun. The Dragon Smoke Popcorn was simply amazing. Popcorn are normally served hot and crispy, but this particular popcorn is served cold, with smoke but crispier. Let me tell you how to eat this. Take a handful of it and stuff your mouth with the popcorn, and breathe smoke like a Dragon (check out my video in Instagram link below). Veg Biryani Aran Chili, an Italian dish converted into Indian flavor is something very different. It’s presented in such a way that it will allow you to have more food. Their Paneer Tikka Two Way is also served in their own version, not the basic tandoori flavor. It comes with two flavor-Piri Piri and Pesto. Cajun crusted Fish Tikka, is one unique dish. It’s served with masala coconut dust and topped it with lemon water bubbles (with the help of science). Personally, this is one of my fav. dish. The touch of sourness from the lemon on the fish was exquisite. I ate it heartily. I also ate their Cheddar slow Roasted Chicken Tikka Kulcha which is served with Curry Espumo. Their butter chicken is rolled with naan (I love naan). Slow Cooked Makmali Tikka, a chicken tikka in white color topped with habanero (chili species) sauce was juicy and heartwarmingly tasty.

So many delicious food I had, that I literally couldn’t move later.

That was not it, the interactive live chaat making of Molecular Re-De Construction Tokri Chaat was mind blowing. Chef Ratan demonstrates us (me and my team) how chaat are made with the help of science using liquid nitrogen, nitrogen oxides. It’s an arty strokes, it’s so cool.

For a moment I was wondering why they were simply lying down an almost empty plates on the table and a sauce in a bulb shape container. Then they told me its their Tomato based soup called Slow Roasted Tomato and Basil. It only took a sip to make me fall in love with that soup.

When an award winner master mixologist like Gaurav Dhyani is in the bar, what could possibly go wrong with the drinks? Made In India which is a rum, vodka, gin and tequila based cocktail, Khula Pinjara which is a rum based cocktail, and their special Bijuria which is a Pan infused vodka cocktails are amazing. Bijuria can be used as a mouth freshener after meal. It is the most refreshing drink of all. Last but not the least, have you ever tried a Sangria Popsicle? No? I will rather eat Sangria Popsicle than drinking it. Their Sangria with Sangria Popsicle was something new for me. And I like new things.

Besides, they also have 4 types of brewed beer-Premium Basic Beer which is made from imported German Malt, Wheat Beer, Molecule brewed Special Beer and Roaster Malt Beer (Dark Beer). Special beer like Mango Beer and Strawberry are also available seasonally. And they are planning on experimenting more flavor beers in near future.

They play only English music and from 8pm DJ take over and play rock and house music. They have club night on Fridays and Saturdays. Terrace is open every day from 6pm onwards.

It’s more than eating, it’s an experience. If you are planning to come here, I’m telling you, make time for yourself to have fun with the food. Try and experiment with every food you have because every food have a story to tell and a unique flavor of its own. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. And their service was friendly, and attentive.

Had I come here while I was younger, definitely I would have been a Science Lover… I am now so in love with Science behind all those food and drinks.

I’m craving for more experience, I’m definitely coming back to this place again and again!!!


Specialty: Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Non Veg, Full Bar Available, Smoking Area, Wi-Fi, Nightlife, Rooftop, Outdoor seating, Live Sports Screening.

Location: SCO 53, 4th Floor, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon


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