JOCOSE: A Health Bar. 

Are you working out and you don’t have time to cook healthy food at home? Are you health conscious yet you don’t have time to cook? Jocose, a health bar is the right place for you.

Jocose is a health bar launched four months back by Rohit Garg at DLF South Point Mall, Sector 53, Gurgaon. The concept of opening a heath bar is for healthy living.

They serve Sandwiches, Salads, Juices and Smoothies. They are planning to add Pizza and brown rice to their menu soon.

“My brother is a gym freak, he lives outside Delhi, and he faced lots of problem finding outlet serving healthy food. As he was working he couldn’t take time out for cooking. That’s when i decided to open an outlet catering to health conscious busy people’s needs” says Rohit Garg.

All their juices are made in natural ways, no sugar added; no syrup only fresh fruits and honey are used. I can see how they made my Pomegranate juice through their live kitchen. It was very light, refreshing and organic. My friend tried their special Pear Smoothie; it was full of fresh berries, yogurt and a spoonful of honey giving a perfect balance of taste. I know this because i took more than a sip of it.

Followed by the salad- boiled veggies, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, corn, tomato, chick peas, kidney beans with cottage cheese perfectly dressed with Extra Virgin olive oil. All these healthy vegetables in a plate. Who wouldn’t love this salad?

I also took a bite of their Paneer sandwich made with brown bread to compliment my smoothies.

Here comes the entertainment side of this bar. They have a 6 sitter 4D Ride inside. Children residing in Golf Course road, cheer up! You have a birthday party venue here in Jocose. Ride a 4D Ride along with the healthy fruity drinks and huge varieties of snacks.

Jocose offers varieties of sandwiches, salads, juices, and smoothies. Among the drink, pear smoothie is one of its specialties preferred by many customers due to its refreshing unique taste. It’s filled with fresh berries, yogurt and a spoonful of honey. Pomegranate juice and other juice are made completely natural. Syrup and sugar are not added. Honey is used instead for sweetness.

Salads are very popular at Jocose. Delicious salads prepared with boiled veggies, broccolis, carrots, cucumber, corn, tomato, chick peas, red kidney beans dressed with a pinch of cottage cheese are praised by foodies. Only salt, white pepper, and olive oil are use to enhance the flavor.

A100% veg. sandwich, coleslaw sandwich, and paneer sandwich sell like hotcakes. Sandwich prepared with brown bread is highly recommended to have with smoothies or shakes by those who have tried and enjoyed thoroughly.

Jocose use homemade Tomato sauce and onion sauce. The kitchen is made open for the customer to know how they cook and to make sure of what they eat with their own eyes if they wish. Customers are given the freedom to customize their preferred shake. Fruits and vegetables are carefully handpicked from the market to provide quality food.

Children can also have fun while they drink at Jocose as innovative 4D Ride for six pax are available at the bar. Birthday venue is also there. More good news is revealed to the Blog Buster team that Pizza and brown rice will be added soon in the menu.

All gym freak and health conscious people visit Jocose and experience the goodness that Jocose offer. We will be glad to hear from you as it is known for its healthy beverages and salads.

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Location: LG-031, DLF South Point Mall, Sector 53, Gurgaon

  • Breakfast
  • Vegetarian Only
  • Wifi

Photographed By: AKUIZINGS

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