IZU: A mediocre of Japan in Gurgaon.

IZU is named after the famous place in Japan, Izu. It is an authentic restaurant where Tokyo Style foods are served. They are rated as the 2nd best Japanese restaurant in NCR. IZU is a 28 sitter peppy restaurant and 2 separate sitting areas one with tables and chairs and the other area is where you remove your shoes to take a seat like the Japanese.

Most of the clients are Japanese, yet many Indians are Japanese cuisines lovers too. Green tea is served as a complimentary on your arrival.

It’s a pleasure to see the presentation of food in all cultures but none are more than the Japanese
Detail attention, simplicity, natural ingredients are the main characteristics of this fabulous cuisine.

Like India you will find the regional food different in Japan but sushi will be the item girl in their menu.

Fundamental of Japanese food is respect for its natural state.wonderful variety of ingredients enhance the health friendly feature of Izu restaurant. Simple miso soup to raw fish sashimi toured us to great food journey.

From the Chef to Receptionist were all charming, beautiful girls who decorated their faces with smile 24×7.

Rice and sushi, vegetables and non veg tempura, soups and noodles, will be served in very hospitable manner. Each dish is presented with care and delicacy.

These are not only stunning photographs but also very yummy and elegant cuisines.

Raw fish, lightly cooked, stemmed rice and sauces are normally served in separate dishes.

Same herbs, spices and sauces are used in Chinese and Japanese cuisines but influenced by Buddhist culture and tea ceremony custom made it somewhat respectful serving and receiving. .

You thought Japanese must have owned this place, but you’re wrong. Mr. S.K. Yadav owns and run this place. He says he wanted to do something different by choosing a different crowd for his restaurant. Thus, Izu, a Japanese restaurant to cater the growing Japanese populations needs in Gurgaon. He remembered the time he visited Bangkok where he faced problem finding an authentic Indian cuisines, that’s when it strikes him to open an outlet especially for Japanese in Gurgaon. “Everybody craves for their authentic delicacies by the end of the day, this is one place where Japanese can come and feel at home” says Mr. Yadav.

We were excited as we munch on the Red Dragon Roll which was a prawn Tempura wrapped with Salmon and Tuna and served with veggies; Ramen (Shoyu)- a pork ramen with soy flavor, egg, seaweed, nori, and spring onion; Izu special Bento which is a grilled salmon with garlic butter sauce flavor, sticky steam rice, pork sampling, yellow pickled radish and sweet pork with Nikujaka, a potato salad and pickles along with miso soup. Also, we had, Teriyaki Chicken, a grilled chicken with bed of noodles, add some veggies and sweet teriyaki sauce. I relished every bite of it and the dip enhanced the taste. The Tempura prawns were deliciously light and crispy.

They don’t compromise on the quality of the products; they import raw materials directly from Japan. Every day they get fresh supply, there are no storage items. There priority is to satisfy customer. Every day they have offers and discounts, home delivery, take away, reservations on phone, they take bookings for parties also. They can also customize food according to your preferred taste. There are co-operate parties discounts for cooperates. There is access to free Wi-Fi and a good parking lot.

If you want to try Japanese cuisine or suggest your Japanese clients a place for indulgence, then IZU is just the place. The Music, foods, interior, and hospitality will take you for a tour in Tokyo. When you walk out of here, you’ll walk out satisfied.

Chanvo Hung

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Location: 15, Upper Ground Floor, DLF South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

  • Home Delivery
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Live Music
  • Valet Parking Available
  • Wifi
  • Live Sports Screening

Photographed By: AKUIZINGS

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