Enjoy Unique Tasty Food at Reasonably Fair Price only at FoodBuzz

Quality food at affordable price.
The cafe’s set up is done in such a way that you’d feel very comfortable walking in wearing your pyjamas.
They have stools and standees instead of couches and sofas giving the place a very casual ambience and air.
It’s a curte peppy outlet run by a brother sister due (Parul Shukla and Abhishek Shukla)
who are keen on bringing the best of taste at an cost effective price.
It’s a pure veg outlet and mind it by the end of it you would be asking for more.
They started this place about 2weeks ago, with no professional help they have done a tremendous work at creating this place.

The food is a fusion created to suite Indian pallet and health conscious people.
Parul Shukla was very warm and enthusiastic, which helped us get a better inside of Foodbuzz and it’s inventions.
Have you tried a Volcanic Momo?
I bet you haven’t coz you don’t get it anywhere else but here, loaded with flavours and juiciness it’s something
very unique and tasty.
Thin crust Pizzas are done in stone oven, making it soft, fresh and delicious.
Loaded potatoes were again something i had tried for the first time, potatoes loaded with tomato, onions, sweet corn, jalapeno
topped with cheese… “Yum” and very light.
The burger served here is like a mini meal as the Alu Tikkie Burger is served with a portion of salad and fries.
Quesadilla – was stuffed oriental veggies with cheese…
The mojitos and lemonade compliment the dishes perfectly.
I was stuffed as everything i tried was prepared with love and passion.
That’s the reason i relished every bite of each and every dish.

FoodBuzz at Huda Market in Gurgaon, Haryana, really have the food that is apt to buzz… It is a new casual pure veg café which many of us can have tasty food at the reasonably fair price. The cute café is run by Parul Shukla and Abhishek Shukla who are brother and sister without any professional help. They started it as a pilot project in a food truck four months back.

Like every eaterie, the foodBuzz has its uniqueness. Unlike other Momos in the city, the café serves unique Momos called the ‘Volcanic Momo’, known for its juiciness and great taste. Creamy Mayonnaise and Spicy Schezwan sauce is served as a royal combination.

The thin crust Pizzas and Pizza Verdure prepared in a stone oven further make their menu more unique as it is believed to make the pizza bread very soft, fresh and enhances the taste.

Another rare variety of food is prepared with potatoes loaded with tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, and jalapeno topped with cheese. A Generous serving of Alu Tikki Burger can be experienced only at the FoodBuzz as it is served with a portion of salad and fries, unlike other cafés. Stuffed veggies with cheese called Quesadilla have an interesting taste.

The FoodBuzz also offers Mojito drink, Chocolate Shake and Pineapple Shake to compliment the unique dishes. Schezwan noodles, Grilled Sandwich, Fried Rice and Manchurian are available which are noted to be hot sellers.

For healthy eaters, Agile Olive Pasta and snappy burger in different flavour made with wheat, or soya is recommended as it is not fried but just tossed in olive oil. Green veggies and egg are also on the menu.

If you are a foodie and concerned about the kind of food you take, head towards the FoodBuzz and Buzz us too about your unique experience. “The café provide fusion food to suit Indian pallet and health conscious people,” says Parul.



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Location:  Shop 68 P, Huda Market, Sector-15, Sector 15-2, Sector 15, Gurgaon


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