Dhaba experience at Dhaba by Claridges

Ah! Who doesn’t like to stop by Dhaba for food during your road trip.

Well, for those of you who had never been to Dhaba and for those of you who have had a good memory of dinning at any Dhaba and wishes to recreate that memory, there is good news for you. Dhaba by Cleridges is THE DHABA. After successfully establishing the iconic Dhaba inside the hotel for almost three decades, Cleridges recreate the same magic again but in a twisted way by setting out of the hotel premises. They present us the quintessential Dhaba in a more fun way.

A Truck bar loaded with alcohol and colorful juice, colorful painted tables and customized chairs, stewards dressed in typical kurta, chandeliers made out of colorful Indian tea glasses, picture frames of retro movies, painted pictures of cute kites on the walls, special steel crockery used for serving food and water etc, are some essentials that give you a dhaba feeling.

They only serve Punjabi food like the authentic Punjabi food we get on our way from Delhi to Amritsar in a typical Dhaba style with fresh flavor. They serve simple and honest home cooked style dishes, but not over loading with butter and cream.

There menu is divided into 3 parts, namely the Tandoor, Tawa and Patila but that’s not it, they also includes rustic dishes like the Dhaba chilli Chicken,Tandoori Mutton and so on.

Some of the signature dishes are Balti Meat where mutton meat is presented in a tiny cute balti( Bucket); Butter Chicken (which is just so yummy),  Kanastri Baigna Bharta, Chitta Butter Chicken which is a dish similar to the red color chicken we always had, but Chef Ravi gave a little twist to it by replacing tomatoes with onion and yogurt and turning it white; Tiffin Chicken; Dal Dhaba, a dish where black dal is soaked overnight and cooked with tomatoes then finished it off with butter and cream (it’s simply amazing); Dhabe ki Aloo Gobhi; Dhaba Tandoori Raan and so on. They used only premium quality. “We believe in consistency.” claims Corporate Chef Ravi Saxena. After three decades of experience I don’t dare to doubt a bit about that claim, it is that good.

The Roomali Roti, Tawa Paratha, Pulao and rice we had along with the signature dishes was the perfect combination for a heavy lunch.

They aren’t short of drinks as well. They served us their signature mocktails like the refreshing mocktails with Kaffir lime and passion fruits called the Rangeela, Somras, a cocktail with vodka, fresh coriander, mint, ginger,cumin and aam Panna mix, and their out of menu Gin based cocktail with muddled fresh blackberry called the Jammun Paar. The drinks were so different from the one i had in other bar/restaurants. Here they have very Indian flavor.

If they can make a drink that taste like typical Indian drinks, do you doubt their authenticity? NO.

This is the Dhaba by Cleridges, which is located at the busy metro station of Nehru Place. The right place for Dhaba experience.

Chanvo Hung 

Facebook link:  https://www.facebook.com/chanvophy

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Location: Epicuria Mall , Nehru Place, New Delhi


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