Gain Nutritive Value with Every Sip of Fruit Juice you take at Crudo Juicery

Fruit juices for Teetotaller to hard core drinkers.

Not only the beer, I love fruits and juices too. I never miss it in my breakfast In this season in the night I finish at least one kg of lichees.

It’s excessive amount but I can’t stop. I can remember very first time when I visited Japan I survived two-three days with only fruits since I was not used to eating sushi.

I entered in to the cute, lovely crude juice bar in galleria market Gurgaon.

Looked at the menu extremely different, lot of rare fruits and combinations. Even you can customised your drink.

Today’s busy life style doesn’t allow us to leisurely find, consume and supplement our food with right nutrition intake and many don’t understand the vitality of raw fruit and vegetables.

Innovative young Indian entrepreneur who came from Australia, noticed the need of real juice bar that concentrates the fun and health together. Crudo today represents this theme and attracts all types of age groups.

I tried fruit salads, yogurts and beetroot juice.

Gojiberry, Kale added novel taste to my drink.

My diet – juice for you guys who are weight conscious and health conscious

Spinach, broccoli, Amla parsley, pineapple, Kale & orange.

They use vitamins A and fibre rich fruits/vegetables to make your immune high and skin colour radiant.

Highly recommend for the parents who care their children’s health. No need toys, your kids will enjoy the kids juice containers.



Aerated fruit drinks flooded in today’s world market and real nutritious drink is hard to find when we step out from home. Nevertheless, the Crudo Juicery shop which is just 3 weeks old is there to redefine the quality of Juice shop through their holistic approach and innovative concept for health, and fun.

Crudo Juicery not only provides the regular fruit juice but by using the rare fresh fruits which are high in nutrients are used to makes nutritious juices. Goji Berry fruit which is rated to contain the highest level of vitamin C, proteins and amino acids and antioxidant is used to make juice. It is exclusively imported from the Himalayan region.

Some of the outstanding ingredients are almonds, figs, chia seeds, cinnamon, milk, honey and yoghurt, made carefully by the Crudo Juicery. Apart from combining various fruits, celery, kale, and other greens are use to make interesting Mocktails by blending perfectly for health as well to satisfy taste buds.

The Crudo Juicery makes sure that healthy ingredients are available according to the customer choice. “To keep it fun and healthy at the same time, honey is used to replace sugar for those who wish. Customise your juice according to your preference. The concept is a very desi style for us hence we have juicers after every 1 Km,” says Amit Sahni, proprietor, Crudo Juicy.

Not just the regular apple juice, pomegranate juice, lime juice, orange juice, guava juice, pineapple juice, beetroot juice, carrot juice, you name it… but such as cold pressed, smoothies salads and more are offer innovatively.

A creamy fruit salad with cinnamon yoghurt and blueberries’ toppings garnished with fresh mint leave is one of the Crudo’s Juicery special. The customised drink such as cute princess, action hero, and printed sippers for kids are also available to suit the mood of the children and to make them happier. Fresh mixed fruit salads with poppy seeds and lime dressing served in a small bowl are the most popular.With the increasing demand and encouraging response received from the happy customers visiting SF-85, Galleria Market, Sector 28, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon, the Crudo Juicery plans to introduce their second menu soon. Various kinds of Breezer with natural fruits, milk shakes, some traditional and conventional juices are in the list to add for the new edition.

So, beat the heat and stress to relish yourself by taking the refreshing drink of your choice at Crudo Juicery as fresh (like their name Crudo which means raw in Italian suggest) nutritious juice will be made right in front of you with uniforms and hand gloves . You can also suggest your favourites and customised your drink.



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Location: Shop No. SF85, First Floor, Galleria Market, 28 1001,, Sector 30 M Wide Road, DLF Phase IV,, Sector 28, Gurgaon


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