Boombox, Gurgaon

Boombox is a common term used for a large portable radio and cassette player/tape recorder with an amplifier having two or more loudspeakers with a carrying handle. This place literally is a Boombox except that you can’t carry it around, you have to come to see for yourself what it actually feels like to be inside the Boombox. The cassette design doors, dim lights, sophisticated metal guitar on the wall, illustrated pictures of our legendary singers like Madonna, Elvis Presley , Michael Jackson, Bob Marley etc. The beauty about the interior for me is the way they put up their BOOMBOX sign in the ceiling, the neatly arranged dim light bulbs and the impressive art of work behind the bar. Not to mention, the bouncing beat of the music that turns your boring day into fun day. They play rock, retro and commercial music to suit the ambiance.

They have multi cuisine, the first of its kind in Gurgaon. Chef serves us with their fusion Paneer Tikka Pizza toping with coriander and slices of red chili and another fusion Chilli Paneer, where paneer is marinated with soy, chili and honey. This is my favorite of all the dishes I had here. You will not get these dishes in their menu yet. It’s new, its fusion and it’s getting printed in the menu soon. There you go a SPOILER ALERT!! Besides, these two fusions we get to eat the two faces burger Crispy Vegan Burger. It tastes just as good as it look. The presentation of the food is impressive.

DRINKS! I had four kinds of drinks. The Blushing Beauty, a mixture of sugar syrup, muddled lime and mint, cranberry juice with crushed ice, the Boombox Soda Crush which is a mixture of orange juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and lemon leaf topped with soda. The smell of the lemon leaf gives the exotic essence while sipping through this drink. I love this drink because it reminds me of my hometown where lemon is available in abundance.( I will come again for this drink). They also made us a special drink which are made only for special guest (Yeah.. I felt so special). Pineapple Exotic, which is a drink made from coconut, sugar syrup, lime juice, pineapple and little amount of orange juice and then shaken in ice. Plus, the Watermelon Exotic. The drinks were presented in a way that you feel like you were sipping them somewhere in Hawaii beach during a hot summer afternoon. The bar manager Mr. Sam, has been working in this industry for 7 years now, so there will not be a room for disappointment!!!!

Being able to Cater different theme nights are not always easy, this is one reason why you must visit this place, as on Mondays they have ‘Bladder Blast’, the concept where you have to drink until your bladder blast. On Tuesdays, come and laugh your lungs out, it’s a Comedy Night. LADIES! Wednesday is your lucky day. It’s your night, you can have unlimited mocktail and cocktail for FREE. Sometimes, I like to see bands performing for me. I found a place and day to listen to LIVE BAND here on Thursday. Renowned band like Street Jammer has performed here. Friday and Saturday you’ll have a commercial night from the in-house DJ Kunal.

Thus, I found a reason to come here every day.

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