ADDA by Strikers, Gurgaon 

Unlike other places I have visited, this place has a unique interior set up. The unfinished, raw, urban signature touch gave a different perspective to this place. Chandelier made from colorful empty beer bottles, those hanging swing like benches, the comfortable sitting arrangements, spacious bar, the brewery, huge TV screens and the lighting was just awesome!! Don’t worry if you are not a smoker, they have separate room for the smokers.

When Mr. Lal Mukund , who have had 15 yrs of experience in hospitality industry is managing this place, it got nothing to lose. They have well trained crews, guest oriented manager, favorably talented chefs and to beat the mood, DJ in the house.

Well, that’s enough for the interior. I can’t wait to tell you about the amazing food I had here. Have you ever heard of Butter Chicken Maggi? Probably not. If yes, probably you’ve heard it for the first time from ADDA by Strikers. Chef Brijesh Kumar and Chef Nikhil found a unique way of turning the normal Maggi into something big. You will find it in varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It’s a must have, one reason to walk in here.

They served us (me and my team) with a Mexican non-veg plato (for a moment, I felt like I was in a Mexican restaurant while having a bite of those nachos), Mexican Fiesta Pizza topping with Black Beans, Black Pepper, Corn and Gallatin Chilly, followed by Polla a la Cibola, a Mexican dish where chicken is marinated in red wine and cooked with Cibola chilly and brown sauce and it’s served with rice. Desi people can’t get their stomach full unless we have our own food. Yes, they knew about this, so they served us with another round on Indian dish like Onion Bhajiya, Paneer Tikka in two ways – South Indian style and North Indian style. And of course the most ordered Dish “Butter Chicken Maggi”.

As for service, you sure can be rest assured that you are in safe hands and ‘all eyes on you’!!! Don’t worry, we got our own sweet and private time and they sure do know when we need that.

Our meal was very well accompanied by Retro and Rock music, making it sound like you are at the top of the world and it actually feels like it. And for a soulful night, Wednesday shouldn’t be missed, that’s when they have a special Sufi night. This place is famous for its special house brewed beers, pocket friendly menu and Wednesday Sufi night.

Speaking of brewed Beers, there is an interesting fact you should know. Unlike the beers we get elsewhere, this Brewed Beers has less fat, which is why we can drink 2/3 liters very easily quenching our thirst. You’ll find three varieties of beers from Wheat to Premium and to Dark. I had premium chilled brewed beer, it’s nothing like the one I had outside. It’s better and yummier (only if there is such word to describe).

Want to know what’s more exciting about this place? The TERRACE, I couldn’t go up and see for myself since the rain was pouring in heavily and was under renovation. But from what I heard, it’s that small world where exciting things happen. All the more reason to come again.

Chanvo Hung 

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Location: 1st Floor,, Sector 29, Gurgaon

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